July 2, 2020


I’m not an OPIE Plus (Hosted) customer, can I use OPIE Fax?

OPIE Fax is only available on the OPIE Plus platform.

Who needs an OPIE Fax user account?

Only users who need to send outgoing faxes from the OPIE Fax website or access incoming faxes need user accounts. Users that only need to send outgoing faxes from the OPIE Software platform do NOT need a user account. However, if you need to specifically track the person that sent each outgoing fax, you will need to create accounts for all users sending outbound faxes.

Who creates OPIE Fax user accounts?

The OPIE team will send an invitation email to your designated OPIE Fax administrator(s). Once their account is setup, your internal OPIE Fax administrator can easily add additional users by logging into the OPIE Fax website and clicking Users > New user > Invite User. Please note that you will be billed $5 per user per month.

How do I receive incoming faxes?

When a fax comes into a given fax number, all users tied to that fax number will receive an email notification. You can use the link in that email to log into the OPIE Fax website and access the faxed document. If you have a secure, HIPAA compliant email address, you can also choose to have a PDF of the fax attached to the email notification.

How do I send outgoing faxes?

OPIE Fax works like a printer. From any of the OPIE applications, you can print a document, select the OPIE Fax printer, and send a fax. You will be prompted with a list of your OPIE Fax contacts along with various other settings, like whether to prepend one of your cover pages. You can also visit the OPIE Fax website to send a fax from anywhere via a web browser.

Can I use a traditional fax machine alongside OPIE Fax?

Yes, you can contact OPIE to purchase a FaxBridge to connect your fax machine to the OPIE Fax system.

Can I send international faxes?

No, currently international faxing is not enabled for OPIE Fax.

What is OPIE Fax?

OPIE Fax is a cloud based, digital fax service (no traditional fax machine necessary) that integrates with the OPIE Software platform. You can send a fax directly from the patient chart, or other OPIE applications simply by printing the document to the OPIE Fax printer. You can also send a fax directly from the OPIE Fax website.

Is OPIE Fax HIPAA Compliant?

Yes. OPIE Fax provides industry standard, end-to-end encryption for both incoming and outgoing faxes.

  • 400 pages, 1 ADDITIONAL line, 1 user = $25 Monthly Minimum + $10 + $5 = $40
  • 1000 pages, 1 ADDITIONAL line, 1 user = ($0.06 x 1000) + $10 + $5 = $75

How do I get started with OPIE Fax?

The OPIE Customer Success team will be conducting webinars to demo the OPIE Fax system and to provide instructions to move forward. For now, there are a few things that you can do to prepare:

How much does OPIE Fax cost?

OPIE Fax Activation Fee

OPIE Fax Per Page (Monthly Minimum of $25)

OPIE Fax Additional Line (Monthly Fee per additional line)

OPIE Fax Per User Fee (Monthly Fee per user)

For Example:





  • Compile a list of fax numbers that you would like to use.
  • Identify your internal OPIE Fax Administrator(s). The OPIE team will need their email address(es).
  • Review your General Contacts, Referring Physicians, and Insurance Companies in OPIE Dex. If you would like, the OPIE team can import any contacts that have a fax number on file to your new OPIE Fax address book.